The CTCW is involved in various projects, including PhD-projects. Finished projects include a link to publications related to the project. 

Book projects

PhD projects

PhD students from the PThU and other universities are welcome to join the community of the CTCW researchers. The CTCW welcomes research fellows and postdocs. For making arrangements, please contact The CTCW is currently involved in the following PhD projects:

  • Sacralising (Post-)Secular Europe – Latin American  Pentecostal Perception of, and Mission to the Spanish Public/Political Sphere (working title) - M. van den Toren
  • Christologies of healing (working title) - T.T. Soko- de Jong
  • Enriching Diversity: Conversing Between Multi-Ethnicity and Contextualization in the Church (working title) - D.C.G. (Daan) van der Kraan
  • Toward a Contextual Theology of Work in Post-Soviet Russia: An Exploration of the Meaning and Purpose of Work Among Russian Orthodox Laity (working title) – J. Coody
  • Samen leren leven als leerlingen van Jezus in het land van de Pancasila: Een vormings- en toerustingsprogramma vanuit en voor de  Gereja Protestan Indonesia Luwu (GPIL) - L.J. Vogelaar
  • Processes of cross-cultural cooperation between Christian congregations in the Netherlands, a practical-theological research. (working title) – P. van Windenrojects